Q. Why choose our service?
A. Because we are experience professional travel assistance service who can provide your travel to  Manila on a budget, wether for sightseeing, entertainment shopping or business.
Q. What is the best time to visit Manila?
A. Anytime.
Q. Is Metro Manila cheap to visit than other asian countries?
A. Yes, Metro Manila is cheaper to visit than other asian countries.
because the value of dollar, euro, pounds are higher, so it has a greater advantage and buying
power capacity. 
Q. Can client negotiate with much cheaper price in city tour, room accomodation if I stay longer?
A. Yes, we can offer you with much cheaper room pricing, If you plan to stay in Manila for  a longer period of time.
Q. What has Manila can offer to invite travellers or tourist to visit the place?
A. Nice sightseeing and entertainment venues,
Friendly, helpful, smiling happy people.
Great big shopping malls, with bargain prices.
Manila is vibrant and exciting city.
Nice beaches and resorts.
Sociable, educated, english speaking filipinos.
Q. Can I hire private social guides if I stay longer in Manila for safety and personal aide?
A. Yes, just tell us if you need one.
Q. Do you offer Medical tourism?
A. Yes, we can assist your needs to introduce you to the best medical clinic/ hospital with excellent service, cheaper pricing with modern equipment comparable with other asian countries.
Q. Do you offer free city tour?
A. Yes, If you stay longer, like one week or a month.
Q. Do you have monthly rent to offer?
A. Yes, we have fully furnished rooms @ $ 600.00 per month which are comfortable for two persons for your personal and business needs. A minimum of 30 days occupancy booking is allowed.
What is the usual city tour pick up time schedule?
9:00 AM si the usual pick-up time schedule.

room for rent

With Free WiFi good for 2 persons

Electric Fan -- P 18,000.00 a month
Aircon Room -- P 25,000.00 a month